A few kind words.

I fill my home with pieces of art from unique artists across the world. I’ve watched the progression of Jessie Mahon’s work, and it is one-of-a-kind. Her work belongs with many of today’s great artists.

— Tom Ryan, Dallas, TX
Jessie Mahon is an incredible painter (and artist generally, and person.) This is the second painting of hers I’ve gotten, and I keep both of them side by side in my apartment. They give me so much joy. I’ve been following her work for like, four years now it feels like.
— Kyle Whalen, Chicago, IL
My boyfriend and I were excited to pick out something that is beautiful and meaningful to us and our story, and Jessie’s work was a perfect fit!
— Samantha Flint, New York, NY
Jessie has such a unique and powerful style! I’m honored to have her work in my home.
— Aubrey McGrath, Chicago, IL
This piece was not simply made to be hung and glanced over, this is art that demands attention ... Fantastically dreamed and designed art. Wonderful Person.
— Andrew House, Houston, TX
That’s the thing about Jessie’s work; it communicates with you. Her pieces have a way of expressing untold secrets and unspoken bonds between what is on the canvas and human experience ... I can’t say enough about Jessie’s unparalleled unique style and ability to express everything from crushing pain to exuberant joy through her use of lines, color, and style. I highly recommend her art to all those willing to take an artistic and emotional journey.
— Christina Alfonso, Los Angeles, CA
Jessie Mahon both as a painter and a human exceeds any normality ... She is kind and compassionate, a listener with a big heart for all things of this world, and all of this comes across in her brilliant artwork. Her paintings have depth, flow, and so many emotions layered into it ... So much carful time and attention goes into her thoughtful paintings. She turns feelings into art, she is remarkable.
— Nancy Ross, Boulder, CO
Jessie’s work is detailed, daring, and exquisitely unique. Her style is powerful and unlike any other artist I have ever come across. “Growth” fills my room with color and energy and I could not possibly love it more. Jessie herself is professional, engaging, and open to collaboration.
— Maddie Sykes, New York, NY
I can’t speak highly enough of her artwork ... Her work is timeless, unique, and filled with love.
— Allison Haglund, New York, NY
When I first saw Jessie’s painting, “Hydrangeas for Kae,” I fell in love with the colors—purple, violet, a bit of orange and yellow, put together in a gorgeous composition that delights me every time I see it. That’s pretty often, since it hangs in my study at home and is the home screen on my phone. Thanks, Jessie, for sharing your amazing talent with me every day.
— Dr. Kae Koger, Norman, OK
I have never had such a visceral reaction to something.
— Elizabeth Capot, author of 'Bruises', Boston, MA
The painting is as beautiful in person as it is in the photo. I love Jessie’s work and hope to be a collector for as long as she paints. She is bold, yet calming.
— Christa Ruiz, Houston, TX
Jessie is a phenomenal artist. I’ve seen her paint vigorously and her creations are absolutely breathtaking. Being able to purchase this piece makes my heart full because I love supporting local artists but most importantly, giving credit where it’s due. Jessie, thank you for being an amazing human being, but most importantly ... one with a hell of a ton of talent.
— Navila Rashid, New York, NY
I can’t tell you how much I love Jessie’s paintings ... With each piece, you can hear heartbreak and triumph singing together in succinct harmony. Jessie is fully aware of suffering but she shows us a glimpse of the garden the will prosper after the storm has silenced. It makes you happy to be here.
— Patrick Simas, New York, NY
The painting is gorgeous. It arrived quickly and is even better in person. I love it!
— Victoria Michaels, Oklahoma City, OK
I had the pleasure of watching Jessie’s artwork evolve as we continued through college together. It was beautiful watching her grow & find her specificity within her style. She would always go the extra mile to collaborate with her clients – making absolutely sure each person was satisfied with their piece ... I wake up every morning looking at my Mahon knowing who I am and what I’m capable of.
— Lindsey Marsland, Chicago, IL
Jessie Mahon’s work is specific, delicate, and delightfully unique. There’s no artist with as creative and beautiful a soul as her, and it shows in her paintings ... Her work stands out for it’s intricate simplicity, vivid colors, and innovative brightness.
— Oliver Archibald, New York, NY