The drama league: Art+party residency - march 2018

Jessie joins The Drama League in their Fourth Friday Art+Party as an artist-in-residence. The painting featured is part of her "Middle America" series.

"Middle America” is a visual exploration of the pride, purity and patriotism found in America – both in the traditional sense and under a critical lens. What does it mean to be in “The Middle” in America? Can a country obsessed with extremes – that relentlessly claims to be the greatest country in the world – ever come to terms with what it might mean to relinquish greatness? How do we treat those we deem unfit for that greatness? Those who are stuck in the middle? Furthermore, with the middle class rapidly disappearing and industry changing, what lies in store for the midwest, flyover country, or Middle America? The resulting images depict our most mythic cultural identity: Middle America.

Friday 5/25
7pm @ The Drama League
32 Avenue of the Americas, New York, NY

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A love|ghost story - march 2018

Jessie joins the cast of This Is (a love story) and Last Call (a ghost story) written by Erin Breznitsky and directed by Phoebe Padget.

Sunday 3/25
11am @ The Drama League
32 Avenue of the Americas, New York, NY

$15 suggested donation.



town stages fellowship - february 2018

Jessie was named a Inaugural Sokoloff Arts Fellow at Town Stages in New York City. She’s currently in her second phase of development of a script that explores the rules of theatre and visual art.



just animals - January 2018

In celebration of International Women's Voices Day, Jessie joins the cast of Just Animals written and directed by Erin Breznitsky as a part of AMPLIFY: a reading of new plays by women.

Sunday 1/21
7pm @ A.R.T. New York
520 8th Ave, 3rd Fl. New York, NY

FREE limited seating.



dr. finn's naughty place - December 2017

Jessie joins the cast in a staged reading of Dr. Finn's Naughty Place, a new play by Alexander Crawford and directed by Ivey Lowe.

Sunday 12/10
8pm @ Shetler Studios
244 W 54th St. New York, NY

FREE limited seating.




Jessie joins the cast of A Shot in the Dark, by Asia Nichols and directed by Jordan Schulze as a part of The Navigators Theatre Company's 3rd Annual Lift-Off New Play Series.

Friday 9/29
8pm @ St. Paul's Lutheran Church Upstairs Theatre
334 S. 5th St. Brooklyn, NY

FREE limited seating.



Sunday brunch residency - May 2017

Jessie joins The Tank's Sunday Brunch Residency to workshop a new play using Tectonic Theater Project's Moments Work technique. 

Created and performed by: Jillian Carucci, Stephanie Fagan, Jessie Mahon, Marissa Ghavami, Ivey Lowe, Max Reuben, Colista Turner, and Andrew Willis-Woodward

Sunday 5/14
3pm @ The Tank
151 W 46th St. 8th Floor, New York, NY

FREE limited seating.




Jessie joins the cast of Alkestis by Euripides, translated by Anne Carson and directed by Inés Braun.

Wednesday 2/15 @ 8pm
Thursday 2/16 @ 8pm
Friday 2/17 @ 8pm
Saturday 2/18 @ 2pm and 8pm

The Connelly Theatre
220 East 4th St. New York, NY

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ALPHA - August 2016

Jessie joins the cast of ALPHA by Stephanie Swirsky and directed by Rachel Dart as a part of The Tank's 2016 Lady Fest.

Thursday 8/11
7pm @ The Tank
151 W 46th St, 8th Fl. New York, NY

More info HERE.


ELEPHANTS & Driftwood - MAY 2016

Jessie joins the cast of Elephants by Jordan Elizabeth Henry and Driftwood written by Sam Schanwald and directed by Jonathan Taylor as a part of In the Water Theatre Company's Spring Reading Series.

Friday 3/27
7pm @ The Davenport Theatre
354 West 45th St., New York, NY

$5 suggested donation



PROVA - MAY 2016

Jessie joins the cast of Dead Man's Cell Phone by Sarah Ruhl and directed by Sharone Halevy, founder of the PROVA Acting Conservatory.

Sunday, 5/15
1pm and 5pm @ The Hive
62 Cook St. Brooklyn, NY

$15 suggested donation




Jessie joins the ensemble of GUESTS a gestural ballet, conceived and directed by Ari Rodriguez. 

Brian Alford
Nadia Hannan
Jillian Jetton
Jessie Mahon
Ari Rodriguez
Alexander Scelso

Thursday 4/21 @ 8pm
Friday 4/22 @ 8pm
Saturday 4/23 @ 2pm

Columbia University's Shapiro Theatre
605 W. 115th St. New York, NY

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Community SPIRIT - MARCH 2016

Jessie joins visual artists Laura Cooper and Ian Giles on their latest collaboration. Community Spirit is an evening of performances within the unique setting of St Luke’s Church, a building destined for demolition in the near future. The event offers a rare opportunity to visit this site before it is regenerated.

Wednesday 4/16
7pm @ St. Luke's Church
259 Washington Ave. Brooklyn, NY

FREE limited seating.




Jessie joins the cast of How to Fly, a new play by Tori Keenan-Zelt directed by Jordan Schulze with sound design by Valentine Monfuega. 

"Sounds Good" is an evening of short plays presented by Fresh Ground Pepper NYC in which sound designers create 10 sound cues to be passed along to a writer who scripts a short play using the set of cues.

Friday 3/18
7:30pm @ The 14th St. Y Theatre
344 E 14th St. New York, NY

FREE limited seating.




Jessie joins the cast of Grit by Michael Sean Cirelli and directed by Sharone Halevy. The new play is a part of Crashbox Theater Company's fourth annual "Read. Play. Write." reading series. 

Monday 2/8
8pm @ 440 Studios
440 Lafayette St. 4th Fl. New York, NY

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regional commerical: tinker federal credit union - DECEMBER 2016

Jessie joins the cast of a regional commercial for Tinker Federal Credit Union. Visit VIDEO page listed above for the full clip.

Video courtesy of Steve Jones and



Color poem - OCTOBER 2015

Jessie joins visual artist Laura Cooper in a live performance of Color Poem.

Color Poem is an installation made up of charts, video and sculpture that attempts to record—in a deliberately limited, schematic fashion—the elaborate naming system that Mongolian nomadic herdsman use to identify each individual horse in their herd based on their nuanced perception of horse coat colors. 

Tuesday 11/3
7pm @ Point B
71 N. 7th St. Brooklyn, NY

FREE limited seating.



Jessie joins the cast of If Loving You Is Wrong written and directed by La Tasha Stephens presented at URBAN WAVES short play festival by Open Hydrant Theatre Company.

Friday 11/6 @ 7:30pm
Saturday 11/7 @ 2pm and 7:30pm
Sunday 11/8 @ 3pm

The Point Theatre
940 Garrison Ave. Bronx, NY

Reserve tickets HERE.